April 2017

London Postponed

All the facts are in, and the decision has been made. I have deferred my entry until next year.

I have deferred my entry until next year.

I am obviously gutted but feel happy that this is the right decision for me right now. My physio has lined me up with some exercises which, if I carry them out over the next 6 weeks whilst I am not running, will help me to stop scuffing my foot when I run. This has been such an issue for me across recent years that could be a real game changer for next year and gets me really excited.

I need to use this as a chance to grow stronger, become lighter, and improve my running form, so next year I can come back to London and really lay it down there.

So a 6 week break is required first. As well as being out and about on my bike, I intend to have a spring clean here, and the plans I had for this blog for after London will be implemented.

Thank you for everyone’s support up to now- it has been hugely appreciated.

But I promise- this is only the start! BRING ON 2018!


A step away from London

After a cracking weekend, and a fantastic ride on Saturday to celebrate my son’s 21st birthday (with lots of attacking and no hip pain whatsoever) -( – tonight was all about a trial run test my hip.

I am sorry to say it was not great. After a 5 minute warm-up (which is included in the strava profile), I gently started running- and it hurt straight away.

It was nice to be running again after nearly 3 weeks, and I am pleased to say that I am noticeably stronger in my stance, with little scuffing of my foot. I kept going, and the pain never got any worse- nor did it get any better. After 30 minutes I cooled down (again, included in the strava).

Back to the Physio tomorrow night, for a decision. But right now, it is not looking good for a run around London in 3 weeks time. (Cue sad music and montage of me running for the last few months, with perhaps some puppies in the back ground).

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