I am a 47-year-old man from North Devon. My background is non-competitive cycling- mainly of the weekend warrior type (and not very good at that!). I have kept fit all my life, cycling and running. I have never been more than a weekend warrior- enjoying with a passion what I do, but never fully committing to compete more.

I have run 2 marathons before, both less successful than I set out to be. The first I completed in October 2011 in a time of 4 hours 40 minutes; the second was the London Marathon in 2013, with a time of 5 hours 28 minutes 30 seconds. Both slower than I would have liked, but I am proud to have finished a marathon twice.

All was going well… but then it all changed in September¬†2015, when I was taken ill. Months of testing and tests showed I have Angina, with one of my three heart veins 70% blocked. Although not bad enough yet to need angioplasty, it is enough to restrict my exercising.


So when my ballot place in the Virgin London Marathon came through as successful, it has inspired me to see what I can do- what people can do with angina. Yes, I have limits- heart, weight, age, stiff legs, poor balance- but I am determined to there at the finishing line along the mall in April. If I can inspire one person to say’yes, I can- despite Angina’- then it will all have been worth it.

So please- I need all the support I can get. Leave your comments, cheer me on- every comment takes me closer to the finish line.