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I really could not face the turbo tonight. The physio said i have to slot in 3 rides this week, so I knew I needed to ride- but just not that. Even though it was lightly raining out, I knew I just could not stomach a session in the garage.

Damp weather= chance to try out my new overshoes. #rapha #stillriding

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So I went out on the road, along my normal 13.5-mile route. A headwind on the way out made it less fun that I would have liked, but a tailwind on the way back made it lots more fun.

I am pleased to say my hip felt great all the way. I know I am not standing on my bike when I ride to prevent aggravation, but even so, it feels fine. A positive sign for Monday on my trial run maybe?


A full Marathon! *

(* Disclaimer- on my bike).

It was great to get out on my bike into the real world, with roads, and headwinds, and potholes. Sadly my heart rate monitor failed to join me, but it was OK as I was taking it easy in the sun. The tailwind on the way out greatly helped me settle back in, although on the way back it turned into a head wind which made me ride in an echelon.

My hip started to twinge with 3 miles to go, so I changed down a gear and upped my cadence, and it seemed to be OK (although it has been sore since I got home). It also prevented me from standing up whilst riding; not the end of the world.


I know it is a spooky coincidence that I rode the same distance as a marathon today, and was no way intended when I set off. However, it has reminded just how far a marathon is. I really don’t know if I am capable of it; as I sit here, my hip is hurting, and my longest long run is only 14 miles. I want to go, to run, to walk, to celebrate being in London.

But I also need to know that I will make it through the other end alive, and without the need for surgery.

Turbo Time!

With just 30 days ( or one calendar month) to go, I needed to do something, so I got onto the turbo trainer with my bike (which the physio said would be fine). 45 minutes ticked off- I could have kept going but I want to ease back into the riding.

2 days into the exercises and they seem to be going well. My thigh feels less tight, especially when I have been sat for any period. It was hurting a fair bit this morning but I put that down to lying wrongly in bed.

The truth is as it gets closer I get more and more excited. I don’t care what time I do, I just want to be part of the carnival- a celebration of London. At this time, this is even more important than ever.


A different approach

With my hip sore at almost any given moment, I have felt a bit lost sat around. Whenever I do go out, there just seems to be hundreds of people running and riding. Frustrating! Combine this with a massive cooked breakfast, guilt has been setting in.

Bring on the turbo trainer. I did think about trying my bike, but I figured if my hip started hurting then statistically it would be at the furthest point away from home, and I would have to ride back again in pain and possible further damage.

It was a very gentle turbo session of 30 minutes, but I am pleased to say, it felt fine. The sore place on the front of my hip was still sore, but the side part- which is the major pain- was good. Who knows- it may have done it some good! (Although it has been a bit sore afterwards, but this could have been down to swinging my leg over the bike when I got off).

It must be said it was nice to sit on the bike again. Something I promised myself at the start of all of this was I would keep riding, and I have not done this. I can not change it now, but just to say, it was nice to be on the bike.

Physio Tuesday, and I will know what I need to do to be on the start line on April 23rd. It is interesting that I am now making plans for afterwards- things I want to do, places I want to run (and ride). I have some BIG plans for this blog as well; in fact, I started some training today in the use of a new-to-me piece of software to help make it happen.

It maybe a bit early for all of this, but right now, I am feeling positive.

Hill Reps

A couple nights ago, my wife Helen walked past my computer desk. On it was a running magazine (as there seems to be more and more recently).

‘Whats all that about?’ she asked.

‘Whats all what about?’

‘That. A running magazine. How can they make a whole magazine about running? Surely it is just putting one foot in front of another?’

Hill repeats tonight. This block of training includes some harder sessions, so it was 5 times up my strava section hill. Pleased to say I got 3 PB’s up there- my third run was a PB by 5 seconds. Progress, and some great reward for the muscle soreness.

I am in love with running right now. I love running, I love being a runner, I love what being a runner does to my body, I especially love the mental space it gives me. Running gives me time to line the boxes in my head up. Everything becomes manageable after a run. Running presses the reset button- every time.


A slight head cold has meant that I have rested the last few days and not run, to let it slip by un-noticed. I am pleased to say that it has worked.

This morning was a planned cycle ride with Per. A quick check before we went out made me realise- it has been 2 months since I last rode! This freaked me out a bit, but none the less, we went out.

A cold and fresh and foggy morning, where we saw lots of great friends. Big Phil and his band of laughing men, followed by a coffee in Burton Art Gallery, where we bumped into the delightful Sean Ross and his equally delightful wife Linn. The on the way home, we even saw Andy Unstead out with his wife.

Lots of great people, and in between all this, we were exercising. The riding was easy and steady and fun; but more importantly, it was a clear sign of how much cycling has given to me throughout my life.

I have been so blessed with cycling- it has given me so many friends. Although I am enjoying running right now, I could never turn away from my 2 wheels.

Mountainbike Ride

I was not going to do any exercise today. I am keen to keep it steady and ensure I don’t overdo it- especially in my first week back again.

However, the sun is shining and the day is warm, and well, I just wanted to get out. I had a foam roller session earlier and the thighs are not all that tight, but thought that a mountain bike ride could be just what the doctor ordered (literally!).

It was worth it. It was nice to spin my legs and look around, and it has given me some valuable thinking time.

It does not get much better than this.


Distance- 8 miles

Average Heart Rate- 120 bpm

Average speed- 9.2 mph

Tight Thighs

Well, 2 days on, and my thighs are like concrete. One feature of being a cyclist is that the pounding of running causes your body to seize up, and mine is telling me that it did not approve of the run Tuesday. I have foam rollered them a couple times (which in itself is torture), but this has made little difference (other than make me cry involuntarily).

So instead of going for another run and risking falling over, I have gone for a bike ride, low Heart Rate, high cadence. It is glorious out there and the ride is an absolute joy.


Miles- 17.5 miles

Average Heart Rate- 137 bpm

Average Speed- 12.9 mph

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