Still sore

A sore throat, tiredness, the headaches- all still there. Just hoping for a break from it so I can get back out- or I will have to just get out and try to ignore how I am feeling. The date is immovable- I will have to be there on the day and be as ready as I can.

Because of how I feel, I am shifting my goals. From possibilities and options, I am now looking for stamina to be able to finish. I was originally planning to move onto speed sessions now, and hill repeats, to add some colour to my form. Instead, I am now aiming to complete the Braunton 10 miler on Sunday 22nd January. It is a great event with a couple hills so will be good to have in my training repertoire.

So this is my next goal- just to get out and go steady for this event. Once I have down this, I intend to open up the miles and add some speed.

Wish me luck! (Please??!!).




My feeling of crappiness over the last week has developed into a cold. Not much I know, and I know I am so much luckier than so many, many people, but it does mean- once again- my training gets paused.

I know that in theory, I can train whilst it is above the neck, but the key thing is- all I want to do is sit, shut my eyes, in the dark, in the quiet. My moral and drive has just gone.

Look, I don’t want to over-egg this- I know it is just a cold. But I am genuinely worried about pausing my training right now. London will only happen on one day next year, and I have to be ready. And my second cold in 2 months is just not helping.

It is what it is; I guess I will just have to try harder once I am better again.


A slight head cold has meant that I have rested the last few days and not run, to let it slip by un-noticed. I am pleased to say that it has worked.

This morning was a planned cycle ride with Per. A quick check before we went out made me realise- it has been 2 months since I last rode! This freaked me out a bit, but none the less, we went out.

A cold and fresh and foggy morning, where we saw lots of great friends. Big Phil and his band of laughing men, followed by a coffee in Burton Art Gallery, where we bumped into the delightful Sean Ross and his equally delightful wife Linn. The on the way home, we even saw Andy Unstead out with his wife.

Lots of great people, and in between all this, we were exercising. The riding was easy and steady and fun; but more importantly, it was a clear sign of how much cycling has given to me throughout my life.

I have been so blessed with cycling- it has given me so many friends. Although I am enjoying running right now, I could never turn away from my 2 wheels.


So, I have a cold. A right pain, but there you are. Given the choice (I don’t have a choice), but I would rather have one now than March time. So be it. 

I am just keen to get started. I have only run 2 miles so far, and it feels like a dream, a plan, rather than a real event. 

Patience is a virtual…

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