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I really could not face the turbo tonight. The physio said i have to slot in 3 rides this week, so I knew I needed to ride- but just not that. Even though it was lightly raining out, I knew I just could not stomach a session in the garage.

Damp weather= chance to try out my new overshoes. #rapha #stillriding

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So I went out on the road, along my normal 13.5-mile route. A headwind on the way out made it less fun that I would have liked, but a tailwind on the way back made it lots more fun.

I am pleased to say my hip felt great all the way. I know I am not standing on my bike when I ride to prevent aggravation, but even so, it feels fine. A positive sign for Monday on my trial run maybe?


Long and Steady

Today was my long and steady, and sharing it with me was Ian. We set out for a half marathon, but my retention for round figures meant that if we did 14 miles, I would have run 40 miles for my week off.

I think we got it right today. Because of the company, the miles came and went, and the plan of running about 1.5-2 minutes slower than normal training was easily achieved. In fact, we even managed a couple sprints in the last half a mile, which showed that we were within ourselves.

This whole week has been an immense confidence booster, and I can honestly say that I am a far better runner than when I came into it. Although I was scuffing a bit towards the end, my position was upright and confident. I am learning to let go of timings and speeds, and to enjoy the distance and the minutes and the achievements. My next big challenge is Bideford half marathon in 2 weeks time, where I would love to break 2 hours 15 minutes, but 2 hours 30 minutes should be a bit more realistic.

With eyes to London, I feel like I am reading a book, where the pages are slowly turning and showing me the way ahead. I do not know what the next page will tell me, but right now, it is feeling like 5 hours is a new target.

Bring on the mall!


8 miler

After a wind blown and flooded night, the morning was a calm one. The route was covered with leaves and puddles, and Ethan was not able to come, so Ian and I set off.

I was my usual stiffness for the first mile until I got into it. We stopped a couple times to take pictures and film each other, so the mood was light and positive. We even did a bit of off-road (which was major fun- the smile ratio is high with this one!).

Me in Orange, Ian in Yellow. Retro 80’s disco running.


To be honest, the video of me has scared me stiff. It turns out I don’t lift my legs- I roll my hips in a figure of 8 manner to accomodate my steps. Ideal for doing the salsa on Strictly Come Dancing, but painful to look at when running. It also means my arse is sticking out. Think ‘Peter Kay running to the dance floor’.

To me, this is all pointing to Hip Flexors,  which would make sense with my background in cycling. I need to teach myself to run properly. So, exercises and focus. I also think running slowly lends itself to shuffling, so maybe speed up a bit?

So through all of this, an intended 7 miler turned into an 8 miler, and a real hunger to do it right. I would love to get into double figures next weekend- but this would mean doing it right.

Now to clean the mud off of my trainers….

A cold morning

I got a lift to my wife’s work this morning and ran back, just to give me some different roads. It was very cold (and beautiful!), and I found my right thigh did not appreciate it at all.

It quickly became all about the distance and the running style rather than the timings. I stopped twice mile one to stretch; twice mile two to take a picture and take some video; mile three saw me stopping at the traffic lights for a good minute.

The listening was good, though. As an audiobook fan, I started a new one today. ‘Don’t stop me now- 26.2 tales of a runners obsession’ by Vassos Alexander tells of his love of running, with lots of snippets in there from famous runners. Good listening, and it has even made me think- he talks of gait analysis. I wonder if this would help me and my dragging leg? Maybe worth a look.

Pleased to say the thigh released a bit by the time I got home again, but it could be a big issue in this training, so I need to do something different- or I will get the same results.



Distance- 4 miles

Average Heart Rate- 164 bpm

Average speed- NA for today thank you very much.

Tight Thighs

Well, 2 days on, and my thighs are like concrete. One feature of being a cyclist is that the pounding of running causes your body to seize up, and mine is telling me that it did not approve of the run Tuesday. I have foam rollered them a couple times (which in itself is torture), but this has made little difference (other than make me cry involuntarily).

So instead of going for another run and risking falling over, I have gone for a bike ride, low Heart Rate, high cadence. It is glorious out there and the ride is an absolute joy.


Miles- 17.5 miles

Average Heart Rate- 137 bpm

Average Speed- 12.9 mph

I am in!

After 5 years of trying through the ballot- I AM IN!

This is the story of my journey to the finish line on the Mall on Sunday 23rd April 2017.


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