London Postponed

All the facts are in, and the decision has been made. I have deferred my entry until next year.

I have deferred my entry until next year.

I am obviously gutted but feel happy that this is the right decision for me right now. My physio has lined me up with some exercises which, if I carry them out over the next 6 weeks whilst I am not running, will help me to stop scuffing my foot when I run. This has been such an issue for me across recent years that could be a real game changer for next year and gets me really excited.

I need to use this as a chance to grow stronger, become lighter, and improve my running form, so next year I can come back to London and really lay it down there.

So a 6 week break is required first. As well as being out and about on my bike, I intend to have a spring clean here, and the plans I had for this blog for after London will be implemented.

Thank you for everyone’s support up to now- it has been hugely appreciated.

But I promise- this is only the start! BRING ON 2018!


Wheels Turning

I really could not face the turbo tonight. The physio said i have to slot in 3 rides this week, so I knew I needed to ride- but just not that. Even though it was lightly raining out, I knew I just could not stomach a session in the garage.

Damp weather= chance to try out my new overshoes. #rapha #stillriding

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So I went out on the road, along my normal 13.5-mile route. A headwind on the way out made it less fun that I would have liked, but a tailwind on the way back made it lots more fun.

I am pleased to say my hip felt great all the way. I know I am not standing on my bike when I ride to prevent aggravation, but even so, it feels fine. A positive sign for Monday on my trial run maybe?

Back to the Physio

My physio is pleased with the progress I am making. I have tried to push him a bit about when can I run, or when shall I defer my place in the marathon.

Simple answer- next week.

I have a timetable of things to do this week- stretches, strengthening exercises, turbo training and riding- and then- next Monday- I can have a trial run. A 5-minute walk to warm up and then a 30-minute normal effort to test the hip.

I am already nervous/ excited! I am back to see him next Tuesday and we will see how I go and make a decision then. I have not run (other than a rubbish 2 miles) for over 2 weeks; my longest run is still 14 miles, and I have not successfully run over 13 miles in one go for over a month.

However, the dream is still there and alive. Once again, I am surprised and bewildered that I am not having trouble with my heart- like I thought I would at the start- it is the rest of me that is falling to pieces. If he says to me ‘No!’ then no it is, and I will defer my place to next year- although I want to do this, I also want to walk afterwards.

It is still on the cards, though. There is a small slip of light creeping through the doorway- a glimmer that maybe, just maybe, I can go and have my own carnival around London. Yes, I may walk, and yes, the running I will do will be slow, but it will be me and honest and alive- something I never, ever thought I would do when I first had heart troubles.

Lets do this!


Tonight was all about the physio. He took measurements, and got me to walk up and down, and asked me questions.

The verdict? It could be my sciatic nerve, causing trouble in my muscles. I have some stretches to do- AND NO RUNNING FOR A WEEK.

But on the other half- I can ride my bike! So I have started the exercises tonight and will look to get some miles in on the bike shortly.

I am back again next week so we will see how it goes- I do not have to make a decision now. I feel a bit bruised- he did some serious deep massage on my buttocks (he giggled a bit when he told me it may be sore tomorrow).

This is all positive! It is not a no, which I was worried about- it is a ‘see how it goes’. I have plenty of time ahead of me if I need to pull out- so right now it is all about stretching and getting better.

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