London Postponed

All the facts are in, and the decision has been made. I have deferred my entry until next year.

I have deferred my entry until next year.

I am obviously gutted but feel happy that this is the right decision for me right now. My physio has lined me up with some exercises which, if I carry them out over the next 6 weeks whilst I am not running, will help me to stop scuffing my foot when I run. This has been such an issue for me across recent years that could be a real game changer for next year and gets me really excited.

I need to use this as a chance to grow stronger, become lighter, and improve my running form, so next year I can come back to London and really lay it down there.

So a 6 week break is required first. As well as being out and about on my bike, I intend to have a spring clean here, and the plans I had for this blog for after London will be implemented.

Thank you for everyone’s support up to now- it has been hugely appreciated.

But I promise- this is only the start! BRING ON 2018!



Tonight was all about the physio. He took measurements, and got me to walk up and down, and asked me questions.

The verdict? It could be my sciatic nerve, causing trouble in my muscles. I have some stretches to do- AND NO RUNNING FOR A WEEK.

But on the other half- I can ride my bike! So I have started the exercises tonight and will look to get some miles in on the bike shortly.

I am back again next week so we will see how it goes- I do not have to make a decision now. I feel a bit bruised- he did some serious deep massage on my buttocks (he giggled a bit when he told me it may be sore tomorrow).

This is all positive! It is not a no, which I was worried about- it is a ‘see how it goes’. I have plenty of time ahead of me if I need to pull out- so right now it is all about stretching and getting better.

A different approach

With my hip sore at almost any given moment, I have felt a bit lost sat around. Whenever I do go out, there just seems to be hundreds of people running and riding. Frustrating! Combine this with a massive cooked breakfast, guilt has been setting in.

Bring on the turbo trainer. I did think about trying my bike, but I figured if my hip started hurting then statistically it would be at the furthest point away from home, and I would have to ride back again in pain and possible further damage.

It was a very gentle turbo session of 30 minutes, but I am pleased to say, it felt fine. The sore place on the front of my hip was still sore, but the side part- which is the major pain- was good. Who knows- it may have done it some good! (Although it has been a bit sore afterwards, but this could have been down to swinging my leg over the bike when I got off).

It must be said it was nice to sit on the bike again. Something I promised myself at the start of all of this was I would keep riding, and I have not done this. I can not change it now, but just to say, it was nice to be on the bike.

Physio Tuesday, and I will know what I need to do to be on the start line on April 23rd. It is interesting that I am now making plans for afterwards- things I want to do, places I want to run (and ride). I have some BIG plans for this blog as well; in fact, I started some training today in the use of a new-to-me piece of software to help make it happen.

It maybe a bit early for all of this, but right now, I am feeling positive.

Hickory Dickory Dock…

Following my massive success from Saturday (not), I thought I better do some research to get some strength training/ stretches. New territory to me, but there you go.

Some frantic Googling shows that the pains in my right hip are definitely (could be) for the following reasons-

  • I have a pain in the front of my hip, just above my crouch (where they went in for my angiogram). It does seem this is a hip flexor problem; confirmed that (according to wags on the net) it is set off by too much sitting. My pain causes especially extra dragging in my leg after driving and/ or sitting for any length of time, so I am quite nearly sure of this one.
  • The pain on the right side of my hip- which feels like a small tea plate around the edge of my hip joint- is definitely either Trochanteric Burtis or Iliotibial Band (IT Band) syndrome. It is more than likely the second one, but the first is a maybe, so I could not rule it out. In my humble medical opinion, as a doctor.

So armed with this spot-on accurate medically precise information, I have now researched a quite hot lady physiotherapist on youtube (which took an inordinate amount of time- really, you will be amazed how long it took), and have 14 stretches to try and knock it my painful hip into some shape. I did them earlier and they felt weird and made me sweat a bit, and fingers crossed if completed regularly will help me drag my bones across the line on the Mall sometime mid-afternoon on the 23rd April.


Recovery Week

I woke up Monday and felt rubbish, with no energy. This stayed with well in Tuesday, so I cancelled my evening run. I then realised that I had been going hard for 3 weeks, so was due a recovery week- result!

So, back on it with a gentle run tonight. I set out for 4 miles and ended up 4.3. I intended to keep it very easy, but have been surprised by how low my heart rate was- I have never finished with an average heart rate of anything below 145 bpm, let alone 130 bpm.

I hope this shows I am making progress. This next block of training will be crucial to the success of London- perhaps the most important 3 weeks of them all. I really need to focus on zone 2 heart rate long runs to build my engine and stamina- on the day I will need minimal speed, and maximum stamina and strength.

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