Garmin Issues

I had planned an outing of about 5 miles tonight. My watched beeped a couple times at mile 1; I thought that it was marking the mile, then it was telling me to slow down.

Mile 2 came and went with no beep. At the turn, I had a quick look- and it was on the clock. The previous beeps was it turning itself off. Never mind, start it again, and keep running.

I was focussing on running slowly and trying to lift my knees. In fact, I found the best way of doing this without feeling like an idiot was to raise my feet on the back part of the stroke. This, in turn, meant more speed and smoothness. I kept trying to drill it but I think it will take some time to become a habit.

So. According to my local knowledge, it was about 5.3 miles. Tired afterwards- more tired than I was on Sunday in all fairness. Waking pulse this morning was good, so I will check it for the next couple days. May need a couple days break- I keep forgetting that I am only 3 weeks into this.


Heart Rate

I am a keen heart rate user when I cycle, and I have seen the benefits from zone 1/2 activity lots. My capability quickly increases when I spend time at the lower end of the zones; the hardest thing is holding back to stay there (especially when I get overtaken on the road!).

So with this in mind, I am keen to try it with running. However, with running I find there are a lot fewer options to reign your heart rate back other than walking. A quick glance over my running so far will show my average heart rate is about 165-168- that will put me in zone 4- which is no good for either the speed I am looking to go, or weight loss.

So I have pinched my Garmin 220 back off of my son (sorry Ethan!) and paired it with my heart rate strap. I will be using this now to monitor my training instead of my Apple Watch (the heart rate strap is more reliable for the heart rate, and plus on the Garmin I can set alarms for the zones).

Tomorrow I intend to run 4 miles, with my maximum set Heart Rate alarm set at 150. When it goes off, I shall walk until it is back down below, and try again. It will be a weird thing to do- training to run a marathon by potentially walking- but I have to believe in the benefits. The more I do this, I am hoping the less time I will spend walking.


What do you think? Will this work- or am I being daft? Let me know below!

Filming the Run

As a tech lover, I would love to film the run on the day, but unsure on what to use and where to mount it.

I have a couple SJCAM’s, so I can film it in HD, although I am also tempted by the new GoPro Hero 5 as it is 4k and voice activated.

However, before I splash the cash, I want to know- is it worth it? Will it detract from my run on the day? And where is best to mount the cameras? From the research I have seen on the net, either a selfie stick or a head mount is best; but will it be faff on the day? I am not sure if I want to spend 5 hours with either a strap around my head or a stick in my hand. Plus- if head mounted- how can I be 100% confident if I have turned it on/ started and stopped filming/ turned it off/ is it pointing in the right direction? If I get the Hero 5, I know I can operate it from my Apple Watch- but is this a distraction from my enjoyment on the day?

So many questions. I am already beginning to think I should let it go and just enjoy the day (I have an iPhone 7 which I will be carrying, so I can catch a snap or 2 as I go if I fancy). I do not want to spend the day concentrating on the filming- it is of secondary importance.And of course, none of the cameras will last the full time if I start at the start- the batteries will be dead long before half way. Therefore I need to be able to turn them on and off at easy will as I go along.

What do you think? Opinions?

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